Yoga & Jewellery Testimonials

Only came across Dansana Handmade Jewellery Website through an ex guest at our Hotel in Torquay. I was hoping to buy my wife some necklaces for Christmas but I was looking for something different from the other homemade jewellery websites that I had looked at. So glad that I was able to find what I was looking for on Dansana website, one of the necklaces I was looking at on Helen's website I wanted in a different colour. Helen could not source the same style beads for that design. But put a couple of alternatives together in the colour Turquoise which were brilliant. I purchased three different necklaces for my wife, she was over the moon with them, even her friends complimented her on them, thanks Helen.

Grahame Mattimoe, Brampton Court Hotel, Torquay

 I have practised yoga for many years, mainly in classes.  I find the classes taught by Helen enjoyable and relaxing, whilst still stretching my body.  Last year I broke my hip and couldn't attend classes for a few months.  When I  returned to classes, Helen helped me adjust to what my body was capable of, suggesting alternative postures during my recovery, without making me a focus of attention.

I look  forward to going to the classes each week, not only for the exercise.  They are friendly and fun, and I can recommend Helen's classes to both beginners and more experienced students.


May 2016

I have been going to the Yoga class run by Helen Vyse for nearly a year and find it very relaxing, great fun - mind is learning to relax as well as the stiff body. Going to a class is much easier for me than trying to do yoga on my own.



I came to yoga late in life after being diagnosed with severe osteo arthritis and discovering all the discs in my upper spine had disintegrated, I had very poor mobility and was in a lot of pain. I was very aprehensive as i thought everyone would be young and supple.
Helen was great and put me at ease. At every class we are told to work with our bodies and not fight them ,she has given me several alternative exercises to do for my upper body as i still have limited movement in my arms and neck.
I have gained so much from the twice weekly classes and hate to miss them
My mobility has improved so much and i have learnt to control some of the pain by relaxation and breathing,i was even able to do classes whilst in plaster after breaking my ankle which stopped my upper body getting stiff again
it has also helped keep my blood pressure under control and i sleep better.
Pat, Grantham

Nov, 2011

 I joined Helen's yoga class because I hoped it would help improve my back problems. The gentle exercise stretching and the breathing exercises have without a doubt improved my back and I have found over the weeks that my posture and balance have improved, giving me a new found feeling of calmness and wellbeing. I don't think there are enough men in the class,  which is a pity, as I feel many men could find yoga as helpful as I have.

Roger, Grantham

Feb, 2012

 I have been going to Helens Yoga class for over a year now and feel so much better for it. Apart from the health and fitness benefits, the classes are also full of friendship and fun. Thank you Helen for providing such a great class that is continually evolving to provide a fulfilling time for all of us whom attend

Z, Grantham

Nov, 2011

 I have recently re-acquainted myself with yoga after many years away from it. I was unsure as to whether it would be beyond me after all these years but I would like to thank Helen for the way in which she leads this class, concentrating on what my body is able to do rather than pushing myself too far. It is with her encouragement and skill in her teaching that I feel so much better in myself as well as in my body, feeling more supple and flexible. It is a class I look forward to attending each week as there is such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that accompanies it.


April 2016

 I joined yoga several months ago as I wanted to continue exercising but because I'm in my fifties I wanted something that would be more gentle on my body. It is something I have never tried before but through the excellent teaching style that Helen demonstrates and encouragement she gives I feel more flexible than I have felt in years. I look forward to the yoga class each week as it really doesn't feel like exercise though the stretching routines are yielding such good results for me and the friendliness within the group is second to none.


April 2016